Chain Saw


Name:Chain Saw

Engine: Single cylinder, two-stroke, air-cooled
Ignition system: C. D. I
Fuel: Mixture ( Gasoline 25: Two cycle oil 1 )
Fuel tank capacity: 350 (ml)
Chain oil: Motor oil SAE#10W-30
Oil tank capacity: 670 (ml )
Engine displacement: 62.5 ( CC)
Maxi engine power: 3.3kw / 7500rpm
Maxi speed with cutting attachment: 10000rpm
Maxi engine speed at idling: 2800rpm
Maxi cutting length: 55 (cm)
Sprocket: 7T X 0.325
Saw chain type: Carlton/Oregon/Stihl
Saw chain pitch: 0.325/0.375(in)
Saw chain gauge: 0.058/0.063(in)
Guide bar type: Sprocket nose
Guide bar size: 20 /22 in
Oil feeding system: Automatic pump with adjuster
Compression ratio: 7.5: 1
Net Weight(without guide bar and chain): 5.70kg
Gross weight(With 22in cutting attachment): 8.30Kg
Packing size: 55 X26 X30cm

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